Usage Profile Rating of Suitability to E-Vehicles Utilizing a Physical Consumption Model

The project “Wohnungswirtschaftlich integrierte netzneutrale Elektromobilitat in Quartier und Region” (WINNER) aims to integrate shared electric vehicles, smart local grids and renewable energy in tenant households. This paper focuses on how to find the model of an electric vehicle (consumption, recharging, usage) which perfectly matches the requirements of particular carsharing stations. This approach utilizes usage profiles of conventional combustion vehicles. Each profile describes booking time and distance. Applying that information to a rating model which simulates the driving task and charges the vehicle between usages should be able to tell how much bookings might be handled by an electric vehicle. Within this paper, we give an introduction to our simulation system. This covers the data model, transforming bookings into driving tasks, and the consumption and charging model itself. Further, we validate the model by using high detailed data captured on regular routes as well as booking sets with electric vehicles. This validation shows an average relative error of 10% for high detailed data from and an average relative error for booking information with known consumptions of 5 %. Finally, we present the application of our simulation system to make a decision based on historical booking information. This application example shows that 90% usages at some station might be handled with electric vehicles, while others should not be replaced.

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